Accompanying person’s package

Accompanying persons, be ready for the journey through the history of Vilnius and Lithuania!

In 2023, Lithuania will celebrate a historic event – the 700th anniversary of Vilnius! The entire city will be enveloped in lights, music, art and entertainment! Do not miss this opportunity to be a part of celebration! Full programme can be found here:

Accompanying persons will have the opportunity to explore the 700 years of Vilnius. The tour will cover its fascinating history, starting from the glory times of  The Grand Duchy of Lithuania  (the old town of Vilnius city which is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site), moving on to the five decades of occupation and repression under Soviet rule (KGB museum) and finish with a celebration of the independence of Lithuania and modernism (MO museum of modern art).

Accompanying Person Fee

  • 380 Eur per person

Fee includes:

  • Admissions to Opening Ceremony
  • Admission to Welcome Reception
  • Admission to Symposium Dinner
  • Mid-Symposium Tour
  • Tickets to museums and services of  guides